The Team

The Team

Here at Inspire Fitness the trainers are not intimidating but rather friendly, professional and caring. Although all may have their different training styles, each is welcoming, competent, motivating and attentive to every client’s individual needs. All of our trainers are certified and continue their ongoing education. Since our personal trainers are key to your experience we invest in each of ours to make sure they will provide you with the best workout.

Brian McMaster

Owner: 14 Years Experience

Fitness and athletics have always been an important part of Brian’s life having grown up a multi-sport athlete. Brian has coupled this interest with more than 20 years helping people as part of the health care continuum. He decided to change focus in 2003 to help address peoples health needs as a personal trainer. This work has seen him work with a vast array of people, from young teens to octogenarians. In 2012 Brian and Wendi decided to partner to open their own studio. Brian will assist you to become better by tailoring workouts to fit your needs and abilities.

  Strong First, SFG1
  Functional Movement Screen
  TRX suspension/RIP trainer
  Training for Warriors
  DVRT sandbag/Animal Flow
  Progressive Calisthenics